John Percy Lasher is an award-winning composer, producer, singer, and actor from Newark, Delaware; now living in the Philadelphia area. His latest album “Trouble Is…” has received praise for both songwriting and production quality. Lasher has also drawn acclaim for his performances in several plays in the Philly area, including William Nicholson’s “Shadowlands” (Warnie), the Kaufman and Hart classic “You Can't Take It With You” (Grandpa), and the beloved musical “The Secret Garden” (Archie). Outside the Philly area, Lasher has appeared on stage with Aubrey Plaza in Wilmington Drama League’s production of “The Ugly Duckling”, and in multiple productions at the Milburn Stone Theatre in Cecil County, Maryland. Lasher studies composition under Kile Smith and voice under Dr. David Shockey, and has studied piano under Joe Trainor and Dr. Benjamin Harding. Lasher recently graduated from Cairn University with a Bachelor's of Music in Composition.
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